Our shop is finally open

We are delighted to open the virtual doors of our online shop. On this occasion, we also want to thank all the beautiful souls that took part in this amazing adventure so far. This big THANK YOU goes out to all our beloved customers, the whole Sealuna team, our production partners in Nepal that provide us with the eco sustainably produced garments, all the photographers, editors, Models that helped us along the way. You guys are amazing and without you, we couldn’t have made it this far.

To visit our shop click here: https://sealuna.org/shop/

What is Sealuna?

For those of you who may be coming to our webpage for the first time we would like to introduce ourselves briefly:

We are Sealuna. Sealuna is a group of creatives, fashionistas, and entrepreneurs that came together to make this world a little bit more beautiful. Not only do we aspire to bring you high quality organic apparel, but we also want to do so in a fair and sustainable way for all involved. This includes also our beautiful but fragile planet earth.

Producing organic clothing from the ground up is no easy task, but through our perseverance and through tons of support of our friends and people we met along the way we made it this far. We established production lines, designed the clothes, and worked in close cooperation with our Nepali producers to bring you organic clothes made with love.


The Sealuna WebSpace:

We spend expeditious amounts of time filling our website with useful information and designing it in a userfriendly way. We really hope you like what we created for you. As always we are open to your feedback at any time. Furthermore, we aim to constantly evolve the space and come up with new and innovative design ideas to improve your experience. This is only the beginning. Expect great things from us in the future.

Only together we are strong and can make a difference. 

The Sealuna promise:

As a producer of clothes, we promise to always decide things based on eco organic integrity. This means that we produce everything with the lowest environmental impact as possible. We almost exclusively resort to organically grown or recycled materials. Furthermore, we promise to only work with manufacturers that treat each in every worker with utmost dignity and respect. This ensures that you can buy clothes with clean Karma. Clothes that nobody had to suffer for. To guarantee this we visit Nepal and our production facilities every year. Of course, you do not only have to take our word for it. Our production is GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standart) certified. To learn more about Gots, please visit our info section about GOTS: https://sealuna.org/gots/  or visit the official GOTS website: https://global-standard.org/

Happy shopping and exploring our webspace. If you have any questions feel free to leave us a mail at social@sealuna.org or info@sealuna.org.

Regards and Love,

The Sealuna Team