A custom designed shop made with natural materials

In our search for innovations for a unique tent design, we were inspired by the Mongolian yurt. It was our goal to design a more purpose tent that fits our vision. As a shop at the festivals, as a place to live on our travels as well as a stage or medical tent!


















On the technical side of things, we have made sure to create a safe place for our customers. This ensures safety at all times regardless of the weather conditions. Our tent is storm-ready and can withstand tremendous winds.



In order to build the SeaLuna shop, we opted for grayling wood. Due to its flexible properties and yet light in weight, it is ideal for our needs. The tarpaulins are made of special canvas fabric.

The Sealuna half yurt has a mass of 8 meters and 4 meters in depth. The room area is 24.3 square meters. With a central height of 3.30m and a side wall height of 2.50m.

Currently, we are still on the way to completion … until May 2020. We will keep you up to date regularly. Best regards, max


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