Vegetarian Dye

The magic ingredients bringing live to our garments

Natural dyes have a long tradition in many cultures around our planet and one of the main methods we dye our products at SEALUNA. Archaeologists have found evidence of textile stains from the Neolithic period. An evolving environmental awareness and the emphasis on sustainability and the move towards ecologically produced clothing revive these traditions. The reassessment of ingredients and methods in traditional natural dyeing processes. 

The magic of the natural dye process is the compilation of natural dyes, from plant sources of flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, teas, berries, roots, barks, minerals and other gifts from Mother Earth. Each single plant gives a unique and unrepeatable color Extracted in complex and time-consuming processes. In a harmonious composition, you can create a variety of vibrant colors for the life of the textile. It has a low impact on the environment and is beneficial for people with chemical sensitivities.

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Natural dyeing involves dyes made from herbs, fruits, teas, clay or other natural sources. They have the least impact on the environment and a good option for people with chemical sensitivities. Everything from flowers to leaves, roots, berries, and minerals can be used to create a variety of rich & living colors.

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