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Sealuna strives to be more than just a clothing brand. We know about our responsibility as a producer of garments. We are dedicated to keeping our co2 profile as low as possible. Another very important point of our mission is to support beautiful small communities to produce organic cotton in Nepal.

We spent quite a lot of energy and resources to check the markets all over Asia. Nepal came out to be the most environmentally friendly and loveable country to produce in.

Through our nomadic lifestyle, we grew to appreciate living in an Eco-sustainable fashion, in harmony with the global community and our surroundings on this wonderful planet.

With modern & innovative designs inspired by multiple cultures as well as mother nature, Sealuna develops in the field of eco-sustainable fashion. Beauty, versatility, and longevity are key qualities that we are looking for in our garments. It only made sense to find and use fabrics that fit all of our mandates.

We are doing certificated textiles designed and made in Nepal. The fabrics we decided to use are GOTS certifiedsealuna gots

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Sourced from the roof of the world

We personally pick the fabrics to ensure the high quality we need for our garments. Some fabrics we developed in the last years like the Nepali Himalayan Cotton are unique eco-textile Innovations that we grow and produce in a sustainable fashion. 

Using the products provided by nature is the future for our living on earth. It is time to make the right choices to preserve our environment. Nothing is lost if we act now. 

Setting new standards in the eco-sustainable fashion world

Our inspiration comes from nature and goes to nature. What inspires us are the 5 elements which reflect space and time.

Our goal is to spread the new age message of a way of living in harmony with our environment and mother nature. One key paradigm of the 20th century is the way how we think about clothing. It becomes increasingly more evident that we have to radically rethink our way of living to preserve our planet for future generations to come.

Doing this became much more than just Business. It became the main mission in our lives. Apart from our advancements in the eco-sustainable clothing area, we try to support as many social projects in Nepal as possible.




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We put all our love and effort into our designs. Clothing can be magic items. They can enchant you and make you feel good in your own skin. 



Sealuna organic cotton pants

Sealuna organic lycra top

Sealuna organic cotton pants

Sealuna organic lycra top


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