We started with my best friend these days in the year 2010 to go to festivals in Europe. these days we sold jewelry and some ready-made clothing from Thailand.a year after we created our first brand StellunaSol. With your passion for clothing, we decided to make research in a few countries in Southeast Asia. So we did production in Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Nepal. In the year 2013 Sealuna was created which comes from my passion for water to the sea and the environment all over the globe…and luna comes out from my dreaming personality. This is how the dream began, making and selling my designs, and it is all possible because of you.last years we spent your time to work on a grounded base for sustainable clothing. And we will develop year by year a little more for full sustainable garments. Our vision is to produce garments under fair conditions mindfully designed and made out of nature-based products to emphasize the energy of your heart, body, and mind. us is to make the clothing us sustainably us possibly in any aspect in the future for the benefit to all of us.

Nepal eco cotton worker


We spent quite a lot of energy and resources to check the markets all over Nepal and finally to source out the most environmentally friendly, fair-trade factories. We decided to make your garments nowhere else than on the roof of the world…Nepal. Through our nomadic lifestyle, we grew to appreciate living sustainably, in harmony with our community and our surroundings. It only made sense to find and use fabrics that fit this mandate. We are doing certificated fairtrade textiles designed and made in Nepal. The fabrics we decided to use are GOTS certified.

Here are some of the GOTS certified fabrics we use:

  • Organic Lycra
  • organic jersey
  • organic cotton
  • organic hemp jersey
  • bamboo spandex
  • recycled polyester
  • Hempwool

and handwoven fabrics like

  • Hemp
  • Hemp cotton
  • nettle
  • khadi

We personally pick the fabrics to ensure quality the high quality we need for our garments. Some fabrics we developed the last years like the Nepali Himalayan Cotton is a unique eco-textile that is grown in eco-sustainable fashion.

GOTS eco sustainibility certificate

Using the natural products provided by mother earth is the future for our living on earth. These days we have the choose and the variety within fashion to look after your planet in a friendly way. Your inspiration comes from nature and goes to nature. What inspirits us these days for your homepage and your garments are the 5 elements…now in the year 2019 we made a trademark for Searluna. We try to keep the prices as low as possible for you guys. Our goal is to bring sustainably garments in a price range to make it possible to buy for everyone! We still have some items in your collection with are fairtrade made and AZO-free but not made out of organic fabrics right now. 



SEALUNA – The Organic Cotton Project

We wanna rise Sealuna to an international brand. Not for the benefit of our own pockets. For the benefit to all of us. When you look at the human-caused co2 emissions these days our scientist paint a bleak picture. It is clear that we have to take action as a human race. Every purchase you make counts nowadays. The answer to our endangered planet is a drastic change in lifestyle and a rethinking of what you consume. The decision for us is clearer than ever: We pledge to make Sealuna as Co2 neutral and eco-sustainable as possible. Sealuna will go any lengths to achieve this goal for you, for me and for the whole planet.

WE ONLY HAVE ONE PLANET – Let us save it together 

People who live in harmony with Nature are beautiful. People that listen closely to the heartbeat of our planet earth is what our mother planet needs. It is time to open your eyes. Once you see what impact your buying choices make we are confident that you will make the right decisions.

We sold garments on festivals for years. During this period we had thousands of customers. If there was one thing becoming really clear to me, it is the massive consumption of clothes! One thing that I heard a lot of customers say was something like that: “Oh, this is so beautiful” In this fast-fashion world of being NICE. I mean look in your cloth store. Go true what you are finding there. Where it comes from. imagen how it is made…from and where it goes to! To have this combination of courses and bring the factor of beautiful and understanding together is what we will promote in the future.

We want to make garments for everyone on this beautiful planet we call earth. Hand in hand and all together we connect to our roots. To understand the true nature of your planet and of ourselves. To make the best out of our lives and preserve our sacred home for future generations to come.

to get more information about sustainability you are most welcome to check here. LINK


It is easy to get trapped in the consumption of fast fashion of big companies. I mean I did my research about garment production. Most of us know that cheap clothes have their price. Not a price that will put strains on your wallet. No. We are talking about the price that the planet earth, our home, pays for this cheap pair of trousers you bought at H&M or ZARA. Often it is quite easy to put those thoughts to rest. What is brighter much the biggest consumptions after food……..it is the fact of textiles

It is more how it possible that these concerns are aware of what they are doing and still going on with it. Imagine Austria, imagine all the tore all the garment are old and thrown away after a short period of time. Image this mountain of useless textiles in a year. In a country with only 9 million people. Europe union is leading country on our planet and we should be aware of what we are doing. You go only you wanna feel better..you make your self a little gift. Click and buy the parcels comes home with 10 pieces you send back 11.

These days the scientists start to understand how your planet is function.

Let’s work altogether for us and for your children that they can discover the magic of your planet earth!

We are dedicated to the idea of not only sustainable clothing, but also a way of life, and will keep pushing the quality of our clothing and fabrics forward with innovative and modern designs that perfectly reflect our place and time on this wonderful planet.



Our Goal: Producing the best eco-sustainable fabrics in the world!

In traditional beliefs, the four elements (fire, water, earth, and wind) make up the physical structure of the universe. The fifth element is of a spiritual nature, a

this with the belief that making someone feel comfortable and empowered…that is when real beauty shines through. First and foremost it’s to please the person wearing our designs. That’s the philosophy.

Dedicated to bringing the awareness of conscious consumption, honoring and preserving the old traditional crafts and skills and supporting rural and tribal populations around the world.

If you’d like to collaborate, please feel free to reach out to us with any ideas, visions, or projects.

We put a lot of love into these clothes

Thank you so much for inspiring me and keeping me creating!




Special Thanks:

I am very thankful for all the inspiration and help from my friends to help me in my good days and in my bad days. It would be possible to do it with you guys. THANK YOU SO MUCH to Julia, Dany, Clemens, Max, Josh, Jochen, ivy, Tanja, miro, marc, Samy and of course to all the lovely people that make the actual garments in Nepal! And all the models, photographers and people how helped selling on the markets and to everyone how was appreciating what we are doing and buying your clothing….for their great support to create SEALUNA us a brand

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