Our choices matter. Every single one of them. For this reason, we produce MOSTLY with eco organic materials and CHOOSE methods with a minimal impact on tHE BIOSPHERE.

When you look at the human-caused carbon dioxide emissions these days our scientists paint a bleak picture. It is clear that we have to take action as a human race. 

The answer to the danger our planet faces is a drastic change in lifestyle and a rethinking of what we consume. 

Vegetarian Dye

Here you can learn more about vegetarian dye and the methods we use to give live to our garments through color and design

Organic Cotton

Learn more about the organic fabric we produce on the roof of the world, Nepal. 

Organic Hemp

Our clothes are made not only with Love. In the end, producing garments comes down to how you arrange your production line. We could produce clothes for a fraction of the costs. But there would be a detrimental loss we are not willing to take. Our Planet is a living being that deserves our love, compassion, and respect.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our vision.


Every aspect of our production is measured against the eco-footprint it leaves behind. A non-eco sustainably produced T-Shirt leaves 11 Kilograms of Co2 behind. Sealuna is aiming to drastically reduce this footprint. We achieve this by working directly with the mountain communities of Nepal, where we produce most of our eco-sustainable apparel for you.

The biggest victim of the modern clothing industry, unfortunately, is our beloved planet earth. Often we underestimate the impact of our clothes on the environment. The only way to save our planet is to change our behavior. We at Sealuna decided to go the best route possible and help pave the way for future eco sustainably produced garments. We realized that the time to act is now. It is time to act responsibly, together, as a human race.

Take a look behind the scenes

Explore Nepal with us

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